A New Week…

It’s Monday.  SuperBowl is over. Yeh. I haven’t been doing all that much and I don’t really know all that much either.  I am in the process of reading Art and Fear, a present from my friend, Robin Koehler.  You can tell I’m reading it because I posted a quote I liked from it in my sidebar.  I have also been perusing the new Quilting Arts and the recent Cloth Paper Scissors magazines.

I guess the reason I don’t have much to report is because I am doing all the “boring” stuff, since I am preparing to vend at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington, IN.  This requires thinking and planning.  I do well to write notes to myself on a piece of paper about what I’m thinking, let along write it on a blog.  You probably wouldn’t want to read about it anyway. Planning what to stock and placing the orders…see it’s the boring stuff.

But this week I plan on dyeing some fabrics.  Even though it’s still cold here, I am going to crank up the heater in the garage because I just can’t wait til it warms up.  When I have a free week, I need to get cracking on dyeing.  I guess there’s enough snow here, I could try snow dyeing.  It seems to be all the rage right now on the quiltart list.  And we are supposed to get more this week…


  1. Hey Kathy! Glad your back. I didn’t know if you were aware of a show in Newburgh at Castle High School on Feb. 27 form 9-4 they still have a few booths open.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the book! Love the new dyes.

  3. Hey Robin, Actually that’s not my new stuff…it’s batching right now…I even dyed 3 yards with snow using brown, purple and bordeax dyes…it should be interesting!

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